May 12, 2016

Ceramic Plant Markers ~ Amateur Gardening Magazine’s BEST BUY

Plant Marker cherry tomatoes

In 2011 my handmade ceramic plant markers were labelled as ‘Best Buy’ in Amateur Gardening Magazine after being tried and tested.

They said:

“Stood up to the task brilliantly. They were easy to write on in pencil and slid into the planting medium without fuss. Given their slightly rough finish I thought that the soil might stain the surface. However I was proved wrong – these ceramic plant labels wash up very well!
They are light in weight, so pots don’t tip over, and the rough texture stopped pencil markings from washing off. I used a rubber to remove plant details I’d made.”

plant markers

And now in 2016 my plant markers have been featured once again by the magazine, receiving more positive comments:

“The off-white matt finish of these markers makes it easy for them to be written on in a soft pencil, and this can be washed off if required for re-use. Once safely planted into the ground they’ll be extremely durable.”

ceramic herb labels

Ceramic plant markers are the ideal gift for any keen gardener and can be used for labeling herbs, seeds, vegetables, bulbs, and even shrubs.

Keen green fingered allotment goers will find ceramic plant markers a God send for marking different patches of ground.

With their rustic charm, these ceramic markers also add a decorative touch to the garden.

ceramic plant labels

My ceramic plant sticks come in sets of 4 and can be purchased here.

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