Ceramic Plant Markers



*As featured in Amateur Gardening magazine as Best Buy!*

*Also published in Good Homes, House Beautiful & Fusion Flowers magazines!*

Label your plants, flowers and herbs with these individually handmade ceramic markers.

They have been handmade using a stoneware clay which has been fired to a high temperature, making the plant markers durable and frost proof. The clay is off-white in colour with a matt finish.

This particular set of 4 plant markers have a decorative flower design stamped onto the tops.

Each marker is approx 13cm long, and 2cm wide. Ideal for plants in greenhouses, as well as outdoor pots, herbs on the window sill, vegetable plots, etc.

A great gift for gardeners and plant lovers. Each set of 4 comes tied together with rustic string. The name of the plant/herb can be written on these ceramic markers in pencil to enable them to be reused for another pot if required.