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Keep your Wedding Flowers Forever

ceramic wedding flower wall hanging tile
natural bespoke wedding bouquet tile

Preserve your Bouquet

It is becoming more of a tradition nowadays for brides to keep their bouquets and not to do a bouquet toss. As a bride myself in spring 2017, I wanted to keep my bouquet after our wedding, but I knew the flowers were not going to last forever.

A way that your bouquet can be preserved forever is by pressing it into clay.

Once the flower arrangement and design has been impressed into the clay, it is dried and fired, transforming your bouquet into a beautiful piece of wall art. The wall art tiles can be any size or shape, and could even be split into 3 to create a triptych.

The arrangement of the flowers can be chosen by you, and I will make sure that at least one stem of each individual type of flower or foliage is included, unless otherwise agreed at the time of placing an order.

Bridesmaid bouquets, mens buttonholes and womens corsages can also be used.

Not just wedding flowers!

This process isn’t just limited to wedding flowers. If you were given flowers by someone for any special reason and don’t want to throw them away when they go over, this is an ideal way of keeping them forever. The best thing is it works better if the flowers are dried so it doesn’t matter if they have gone a bit crispy.

How much does it cost?

The price for your bespoke flower tile largely depends on the size required. Sizes range from 15cm x 15cm up to 40cm x 60cm (other sizes available on request). Prices start from just £15.

Please get in touch with your size requirements for an accurate quotation.

How to order

Unless you are local to my studio in Northamptonshire (UK), and are able to drop off your flowers, I would ask that you send them to me in the post.

Depending on your budget, the size and design of your wall art tile will be discussed by email or telephone. I will then make a start on your tile and delivery would be around 3-4 weeks in most cases.

Once your ceramic flower tile is complete, I attach fixings onto the back so that it is ready to hang on a wall. You will receive your tile in the post, packaged beautifully in a box.

wedding bouquet flower tile
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flowers pressed into clay
flowers pressed into clay

Why not transform your wedding flowers into a vase?

wedding bouquet made into vase
wedding flower vase
large natural vase impressed flowers
wedding flowers pressed into clay to make vase

Corsages & Buttonholes

buttonhole impression - ceramic tile
ceramic wall tile flower detail
Flower & berries detail
corsage impression - ceramic tile

Return of flowers

If you would like your flowers returned after they have been used to create your unique wall art tile (although they may be a little squashed and some may fall apart!), I am more than happy to include them in the box when sending your completed tile to you. Please let me know if you would like the flowers returned at the time of ordering, otherwise they will be recycled.

wedding flowers
wedding flowers
dried wedding flowers
wedding flowers

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