featured workshop

December 21, 2009

My studio has been featured!

I wrote this article for the Artists in Business blog, as they have a “In The Studio” section and feature a few artists every month. I had a message today saying I’d been featured for December, and here it is: Ceramic Artist Charlotte Hupfield “My passion for ceramics started from an early age, and it […]

December 2, 2009

Making a vase

I’ve been making a few of these vases recently and thought it would be nice to show one being taken out of the mould. This shape is my favourite, its so slim and elegant. Although my vases are cast in moulds, each one is still individually unique because I decorate them in different ways. No […]

October 10, 2009

Workshop snaps, work in progress…

I have noticed a big change in the weather whilst out in the workshop this week, it has been sooo cold! I’m lucky to have a halogen heater which soon heats up the small space, making it feel nice and cosy. I’ve noticed someone watching me from outside while I’m working… he’s small and fat […]

June 26, 2009

Grand Tour of my new Den!

It’s finally set up and ready to go!!! I have been so excited arranging where I wanted everything to be placed and finding homes for my tools and materials etc, although I have been a little impatient as I haven’t fully insulated it from the inside yet. It gets way to hot in there at […]