June 26, 2009

Grand Tour of my new Den!

It’s finally set up and ready to go!!! I have been so excited arranging where I wanted everything to be placed and finding homes for my tools and materials etc, although I have been a little impatient as I haven’t fully insulated it from the inside yet. It gets way to hot in there at the moment though! I’ve decided to leave it til the end of summer. I have filled all the gaps with expanding foam as you should be able to see (mostly to stop the spiders coming in), which will prevent wind and rain.
I still have a list of things which need to be done, such as a roller blind to put up (did initially want mini curtains but thought they would attract too much dust from the clay), a pin board where I can keep images, ideas and jot down notes, a plaque needs to be hung on the front which is waiting to be fired as we speak, a padlock to go on the door, some sort of coating to treat the outer wood from weathering, and of course the insulating.
I’ve put together two large collages of images which are displayed on the walls – one full of inspirational images and some of my own photos, and another of other artists and ceramic artists work whose I love.
Here’s me working! I was beginning a sculptural vessel. Do you like my pink apron?

I have two work benches which fit all the way along the windowed wall, so its nice to look out at the garden while I’m working.

This is my shelving area and where I keep some of my moulds.

Theres plenty of storage space under the work benches to keep my glaze materials, oxides, scales, clay, moulds, safety equipment, tools, newspaper, etc. The benches also have shelves on the bottom which is very handy.

Thats it for now! I wasn’t sure whether or not to show you these images because it is not completely finished, but these can be the inbetween stage photos! I’ll show you some more when the other things are done… in the meantime I’m sure you can guess where I’ll be spending most of my time?!

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  1. Hi Charlotte

    Looks FAB!! You look so happy in there, looking at you its given me the kick to get my stuff moved in mine(Got all day tommorrow….so will get myself busy!!)Do you have a kiln….where do you keep that? I Would really love you to make me a welcome sign for my shed (let me know cost etc)
    In the meantime happy shedding!!


  2. Hooray – your very own space!!
    Not a lawnmower in sight 🙂

    Well done you, can't wait to see what comes out of that workshop, on to great things xx

  3. Silver Moss Jewellery June 27, 2009 at 8:49 am Reply

    Oh looks fantastic, even in an in-between stage. Thanks so much for sharing the pics – am looking forward to seeing it in the finished stage as well!

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