March 16, 2020

Wedding Flower Preservation Ceramic Keepsakes

Following on from my last post, I wanted to share some more wedding flower pieces I have been working on recently.

I think this large wall hanging ceramic tile below will always be one of my favourites. I really enjoyed making it and loved the mixture of flowers, delicate stems and foliage. It is difficult to gauge the size from the photos, but this was a large tile, approx 80cm in length.

It is really important for the clay to dry slowly once the flowers are impressed into the large tile and it is cut. Slow and careful drying prevents the tile from warping.

These clients wanted their name and wedding date stamped into the tile, which adds a lovely personal touch.

“The tile arrived & it’s so beautiful, it’s even prettier than I thought it would be! Thank you so much for preserving my bouquet in such a lovely way! I cannot wait to hang it in my hallway. “

Steph Rae, Manchester.

The flowers that I work with do not have to be fresh, and the colours of the finished ceramic do not have to match the flowers.

The dried bouquet below belonged to a client who wanted her wall tile to look natural and rustic to match her home decor.

“Charlotte made my husband and I a wall piece of flowers from our wedding day. Something we can look at forever and always smile when we look at it. Simply beautiful.”

Charlotte Parker, Northampton.

The selection of roses, lavender, eucalyptus and gypsophilia below arrived with me in the post contained inside a small plastic box. Two small tiles were made using these stems, with the couples’ names and wedding date personalising them.

“I love them! Thank you so much. I can look at them every day & remember the wonderful happy memories of my wedding day. Mom is going to love hers, I don’t think I’ll wait until Christmas to give it to her.”

Sam Rushby, Shrewsbury.

The stunning flowers pictured in the images below were hand delivered by a local lady who had just got married. This couple had so many beautiful floral arrangements from their special day, handmade by their florist. I was really pleased to be able to preserve some for them. They had so many left over, the bride was giving them away to nursing homes which I thought was very thoughtful.

She wanted a large wall tile, and some ceramic ‘thank you’ hearts featuring the flowers, to give as gifts to people who helped in some way on their wedding day.

The selection of flowers below arrived in a polystyrene box. The ends of the stems were wrapped in water soaked kitchen roll to help keep them fresh. I always say that the fresher the flowers, the better, although it really doesn’t matter too much. I have worked with dried bouquets over 2 years old and the results are still just as beautiful.

The client who sent these flowers was the mother of the bride. She wanted two sets of four heart shaped coasters, and four large vases (two round and two square). See finished results below!

“Oh my gosh, you made me cry – when I saw them I was stunned. They are even more beautiful than the pictures you sent. My daughter loved hers too, such lovely pieces to remind us of her special day.”

Susan O’Mahony, Berkshire.

If you are interested in finding out more about having yours or someone elses wedding flowers preserved into a ceramic wall piece, vase, dish or anything else – please feel free to get in touch.

To view more examples of different wedding flower pieces I have made, please see my other blog post about preserving your wedding flowers.

Remember that the flowers do not have to be from a wedding!

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  1. Beautiful work and what a great way to remember a memorable day. I have kept my daughters wedding bouquet, having dried the flowers in the airing cupboard, waiting for inspiration as to what to do with them!
    You have possibly resolved the dilemma. The main problem is that the wedding was 30th December 2018 ! Would you be able to do a plaque with them and perhaps drink coasters?
    I should enquire how much you charge as well!
    Thank you for taking time to answer this enquiry
    Hilary Kenney

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