August 22, 2019

Handmade Ceramic Botanical Tiles

I’m so excited to finally be able to share my first set of botanical tiles that have been used for a kitchen splash-back.

After much trial and error, I can’t explain good how it feels to see a beautifully presented installation of my work, actually in situ, in someones very own home.

Just to be asked to make such a permanent feature to display in a home was a huge compliment, and I (as well as the clients, thankfully!) am thrilled with the results.

The Tile Commission

When the clients first approached me about the possibility of commissioning a set of botanical wall tiles I admit that I was initially terrified.

A previous wall tile project had not gone to plan because my tiles were not 100% flat. After months of research and testing, I had to give up on the original project as I wasn’t happy with the outcome of my attempts, and suffered for a while with impostor syndrome.

I explained to the new clients that I would love to make the tiles for their kitchen splash-back, but unfortunately some of my tiles may turn out slightly warped. To my surprise, this didn’t bother them one bit and they told me that they didn’t care as long as they could have my tiles on their wall!

Individually handmade organic ceramic tiles by Charlotte Hupfield

When I thought about it, my work is not perfectly uniform or symmetrical. The vases that I make sometimes do not have a straight rim. The wall hangings that I make sometimes have a slight curve to them. The bowls that I make have wavy edges, and I have always described my work as ‘natural’ and ‘rustic’.

The overall finish of the tiles does have a very organic feel, and I love the fact that you can clearly see that they are individually handmade, not mass produced using machinery or moulds.

I think it took this new challenge to really question myself and realise my worth. For these challenging questions that I needed to ask myself about my work, I am grateful because it has helped me believe in myself so much more, and understand the direction of my work.

Making The Tiles

Rolling real flowers into the clay before cutting into tiles.

With my new found confidence, believing in myself and knowing that the client valued my work, I had so much fun creating every single tile.

A selection of cut tiles imprinted with wild flowers, ready to be carefully dried.
Picking wild flowers

I really enjoyed picking the wild flowers and choosing a composition for each tile.

I decided to make some plain glazed tiles to break up the botanical design as I thought it would look too busy otherwise, and the client agreed.

Client Feedback

“Having fitted a new kitchen just over a year ago we were keen to add splashback tiles to complete the space.  Living in an old cottage (a small one at that) we were keen to keep the look as traditional as possible whilst keeping the theme current and fresh.  On speaking with Charlotte and being fully aware that her work is botanical based we felt that creating one off  individual tiles in natural tones would compliment our kitchen. 

After measuring, Charlotte came back to us with the required amount along with her knowledge that a few plain ones would break up the overall look.  Trusting Charlotte we left her to it as we knew that she had totally understood our brief.  

It only took a couple of hours to get them up using the correct adhesive and playing around with the pattern.  Once in place, we used a light grey grout to finish the look.  Each tile, although the same size weren’t completely flat which we were made aware of and actually is why we wanted them because as a finished look you get a totally rustic feel.

We couldn’t be any more in love with them and now they are in place where they can remain for ever. “

~ Becky & Dan. Maidenhead, Berkshire.

Kitchen Splashback Botanical Tiles with dry grout
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