April 19, 2018

Personalised Ceramic Tea Light House – Custom Order

personalised ceramic tea light house

Just before Christmas I was asked to make a personalised ceramic tea light house for a clients daughter. The client was going to be decorating her daughters bedroom after Christmas, and wanted to add a few ceramic pieces.

We discussed different size options, and decided on a tall shape with a chimney. The tea light houses that I make are hollow inside, perfect to sit a tea light candle underneath. The light shines out of the windows and reflects pretty patterns onto surrounding walls.

The client told me that her daughter Bethan wasn’t keen on the colour pink, hearts or anything too girly, so I went for a fairly natural theme and included rustic bunting, leafy vines growing up the side of the house, and stamped Bethan’s name onto both of the doors.

I managed to get the house made, dried and fired in time for before Christmas with my other orders, and sent it off early. The client was so happy with the custom made piece that she gave it to her daughter before her bedroom had been redecorated.

personalised tea light house

I was very excited to recently receive a picture from the client of Bethan proudly holding her tea light house in her bedroom, and am thrilled that she likes it. I found out that Bethan loves the colours, and that it fits perfectly in her bedroom.

Thank you Bethan, for agreeing to be featured on my blog 🙂

ceramic tea light house


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