March 11, 2018

Botanical Blooms Collection

New for Spring 2018

Last but not least, the final new collection that I will showcasing at BCTF in April 2018 is ‘Botanical Blooms‘.

After undergoing some market research, this collection turned out to be the most popular. People were drawn to the colours, in particular the ‘pop’ of blue.

Botanical Blooms Collection

ceramic petal dishes

Botanical Blooms Collection Customer Research

As well as people commenting on how much they were drawn to the blue in this design, other responses included:

  • Very nice unexpected splashes of colour
  • Abstract quality
  • Distinctive
  • Organic
  • Calls from a distance
  • The colours draw you in
  • Reminiscence of hedgerows

large heart dish

curved ceramic garden panel

Botanical Blooms Products

Pieces from my range featuring the Botanical Blooms design include three different sized white slip cast vases, small hand built bud vases, extra large slab built vessels, hanging decorations, tea light houses in three sizes, and a variety of bowl forms.

See the ‘Botanical Blooms’ collection to view individual pieces online.

botanical blooms detail

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