February 20, 2018

Dandelion Collection

New for Spring 2018

Another of my collections to be launched at BCTF in April 2018 is ‘Dandelions’.

I have played around with this design in my work for some time now, and have decided to turn it into a coherent collection as I think this design works well on pieces in a group.

The fuzzy dandelion heads can vary in colour, depending on the finished look that is desired. From blues to neutrals…

ceramic dandelion designs

dandelion vase

mint green dandelion dish

dandelion collection

Dandelion Collection Market Research

I asked a large amount of people for their thoughts on this dandelion design; the most common response being simple. Some of the other comments were:

  • Pretty
  • Neutral
  • Would fit into any colour scheme
  • Simplicity of stalks and heads
  • Effective

blue dandelion plaque

dandelion bud vase

dandelion glaze detail

Dandelion Product Range

Pieces from my range featuring the Dandelion design include three different sized white slip cast vases, small hand built bud vases, extra large slab built vessels, hanging decorations, tea light houses in three sizes, freestanding curves and a variety of bowl forms.

ceramic vases with red and blue dandelion design

See the ‘Dandelion’ collection to view individual pieces online.

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