February 8, 2018

Sea Line Collection

New for Spring 2018

One of my new collections for 2018, and to be showcased at BCTF this April, is ‘Sea Line‘.

ceramic sea line vases

This collection of one-off ceramic pieces features a blend of smooth elegant white, contrasted with flowing waves of texture formed using engobes, and thin delicate lines. Cobalt blue & ash grey are key to this sea inspired design.

sea line surface detail

Sea Line Collection Market Research

I asked a number of people their thoughts on the Sea Line design, and the most common response was how they loved the use of blue. Some other responses were:

  • Dynamic lines
  • Interesting texture
  • Cool, contemporary, sophisticated
  • Reminiscence of flowing water
  • Strong design
  • Ethereal, peaceful
  • ‘Easy’ feel
  • Different, randomness
  • Delicate

sea line ceramic wall art plaque

Sea Line Products

Pieces from my range featuring the Sea Line design include three different sized white slip cast vases, small hand built bud vases, extra large slab built vessels, hanging decorations, tea light houses in three sizes, and a variety of bowl forms.

See the ‘Sea Line‘ collection to view individual pieces online.

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