January 29, 2018

Bride’s Wedding Bouquet Transformed into Ceramic Wall Art Tile

Want to keep your wedding bouquet forever?

You can! Flowers make a gorgeous imprint in clay, and since I’m always using natural foliage and plants to create natural designs in my work I thought I would try my wedding flowers for a floral look.

The results are breathtaking and it is an ideal way to preserve your wedding bouquet in clay as a forever keepsake. Plus, you end up with a beautiful wall art tile to display in your home which can be passed down and cherished by loved ones.

For more information on how to order please visit my bouquet impressions page.

wedding flowers bouquet

flower impressing

flowers pressed into clay

glazing ceramics

grey floral ceramic wall tile

ceramic grey floral wall tile

grey flowers berries wall art

grey flowers roses wall art

Contact me for enquiries.

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