January 17, 2018

My Word of 2018

Dream Plan Do

This year I am taking part in a motivational 12 month journey with the help of a planner-journal designed by Patricia van den Akker of The Design Trust, called ‘Dream Plan Do‘. It is a thought-provoking, goal setting, problem solving, creative and strategic journal that guides you to delve deep down into the core of your business and focus on the things that really matter in order to move forward and succeed.

I am so excited to be taking part, along with many other worldwide creative businesses, and can’t wait to see how my journey develops this year with some exciting plans coming up in the next few months.

One section of the planner-journal asks you to think up a ‘word of the year’ that you will focus on and think about all of the time. This question, along with many others inside the journal, has been a difficult one for me. But as Patricia explains, the questions aren’t supposed to be easy. It has taken me almost 3 weeks to come up with my word of the year, and now that I have decided on it, I don’t know how it didn’t come to me instantly. When I looked deeper into the meaning of the word it made even more sense to choose it.

word of 2018


Growth – An increase in some quantity over time.

GROW model – A technique for problem solving or goal setting.

This year I would really like to see Charlotte Hupfield Ceramics grow. My business has definitely grown somewhat year on year in various ways, but I’m hoping to make 2018 see a much bigger difference. With the help of Dream, Plan Do I am going to make this happen!

Excuse the lemsip & tissues!


How Dream Plan Do is helping me

The monthly action plan has been fun and manageable with how the journal makes me think differently. It also helps me to realise why I need to do certain things, and look at the bigger overall picture.

What I am loving about the journal so far is that it is making me think about things such as values (both in business and in life), and setting juicy goals, something I never really focused on before. The journal is definitely helping me to see things a lot clearer and understand where I want to be in life and in business.

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