September 8, 2017

Latest Adventures :: Inspiration

The last few months have been packed with exciting trips away. I always keep an eye out for new inspiration whenever I’m in a new place, I can’t help it.

Last month I had the pleasure of floating up into the sky in a hot air balloon. This is something I had always wanted to do, and we were so lucky with the date we picked – the weather was perfect. We chose to take off from the Cotswolds site in Cheltenham, which had truly breathtaking views from up above.

hot air balloon shadow

The feeling when you are floating high in the air is so magical and peaceful, with not a sound other than the occasional roar of hot air filling the balloon. The views were incredible, we could see for miles. I have a new found love for fields! Viewing them from directly up above, in all their different shapes, angles and colours, created patterns which reminded me of a patchwork.

These landscape views are great inspiration for some new work and design ideas, coming soon!

view from balloon

landscape aerial view

I was a bit worried about the landing, as the wind was carrying us quite fast towards the end, and we had quite a near miss with a tree as we were lowering to the ground!

What started as a still quiet morning in Cheltenham at 6am, with beautiful views from the air, ended with beaming sunshine in the middle of the Cotswolds in a random farmers field with champagne for breakfast! If you have never flown in a hot air balloon I highly recommend it 🙂

landscape aerial view

Last month also involved a trip to Paris… Wow!!! What a beautiful city. The Eiffel Tower was amazing by day, and even more stunning by night. I also visited Notre Dame, the famous Arch de Triumph along the Champs Elysees avenue, The Louvre, the love wall, and the vibrant hill of Montmartre with it’s white-domed Basilica of the SacrĂ©-CĹ“ur on its summit. Figuring out the Metro system was a challenge in itself, but finding these beautiful sights made it all worthwhile.

This was an amazing trip with lots of memories made.

Lastly of my travels, I had a week away in Spain a couple of months ago. The warm Spanish sunshine was very much needed. I returned feeling refreshed and with batteries charged, and of course came away with lots of new inspirational images. I’ll leave you with a selection of my favourites…

spanish tiles

spanish pathway to beach

pretty flowers


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