August 31, 2016

Bud Vases used as Styling Props for Channel 4: Amazing Spaces

Something super exciting has happened with my ceramic bud vases! A pair of the mint green lace impressed vases suitable for holding short stemmed flowers and buds, have been used for styling an old (but refurbished) German military Comms trailer.

The trailer is a new addition to Glamping Thorpe in Oxfordshire, which has been photographed today for a feature on the Channel 4 TV program ‘Amazing Spaces’, to be aired in autumn.

bud vase

bud vases

How cosy does the inside look?


ceramic styling vases

mint green lace vases

I am currently out of stock of these lace decorated vases but if you would like one, I can make more in your choice of colour for just £12 per vase (colours available are grey, rustic natural brown, black, red, blue, lilac, mint green, tutti frutti, cream). Please contact me to discuss.


ceramic vases

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