April 22, 2014

Fresh From The Kiln (part 3 of 3)

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coastal panel detail

coastal ceramic triptych panels

If you follow my blog regularly you may remember the work in progress stages of these coastal inspired ceramic wall panels that I posted a few weeks ago. It’s amazing seeing the difference of before and after, the glazes turn out completely different when fired, to when they are first applied. That’s why I get so excited opening the kiln, it’s never 100% how a piece will turn out. Sometimes it feels like opening the door to a colourful sweetie shop!

pair of seashell tealight bowls

Sea Shell Tea Light Bowls – Continuing on the seaside theme, these small bowls have been impressed with real shells and are the perfect size for holding a tea light candle.

panelled ceramic dandelion wall hanging

Dandelion Ceramic Wall Hanging – This piece was sent off to it’s new home last week, after being snapped up from my online shop.

ceramic coasters

New sets of ceramic coasters – A gorgeous new natural collection. Once my new studio is set up when I’ve moved house, I plan to begin making sets of handmade ceramic place mats too.

organic ceramic plate

Organic Ceramic Plate – Featuring a beautiful organic design, glazed in pretty muted colours to match any decor.

ceramic butterfly brooches

Ceramic Butterfly Brooches – This ‘rabble’ of butterflies has flown into my shop with lots of different colours and textures available to pin onto your clothing, bag or accessory!

moonlit meadow ceramic wall hanging

‘Moonlit Meadow’ Ceramic Wall Hanging – The name for this piece was chosen by one of my Facebook fans last week during a name suggestion contest. I asked my Facebook fans to come up with a new name for this hanging as I’d originally named it ‘Blue Moon’ but thought it needed jazzing up a bit.

My favourite name suggestion was chosen and the winner received a free card and brooch. Be sure to like my Facebook page so that you don’t miss out on these fun opportunities 🙂

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