September 27, 2013

Folksy Friday: Horses

Handcrafted Horse Shoe Lamp by Dan Martyn

Hand printed Horseshoe wedding gift by hello DODO

Hand printed Horse Bunting by Betsy Badge

Silver Necklace – Horse Design by Artisan Silver Jewellery

This week has been horse mad! Hence the theme for my Folksy Friday collection… There are even more gorgeous items in these sellers shops so be sure to go and have a browse.

Last weekend I took part in a 10 mile ‘fun ride’ on a 4 year old named Lola. As she’s still a baby and hasn’t experienced much yet, she did so well considering. We had lots of fun splashing about in the water, met lots of other new horses and even jumped a few poles and cross country fences. Lola is a little star! We won a rosette at the end which I think I was more excited about than Lola, I hadn’t won a rosette since I was little but will have to start making a new collection!

And the horse-fun doesn’t stop there, as I’ll be entering Dizzy in a clear round jumping day tomorrow. Hopefully more pictures to follow 🙂

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