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This week . . .

Art in the Park stall

Last Sunday I was in Caldecott Park in Rugby for ‘Art in the Park’, a celebration of local artists surrounded by beautiful trees. This was my first ever experience of having a stall outside being completely uncovered, so we were really lucky to have the sun shining all day. It was great to get some of my latest pieces fresh from the kiln out and about, especially my new vase range which received some lovely comments.

Being surrounded by trees and nature, I was in my element and was glad I took my sketchbook to create a few doodles and design ideas.

trees in the park

Strawberry picking was on the agenda again last weekend! You can’t beat the freshly picked strawberries from our local orchards – so much better than shop bought. When I wasn’t munching on them straight from the fridge, I found another tasty use for some of the strawberries… They went down very nicely in a glass of fizzy rosé  after I’d unpacked at home from art in the park.

hand picked strawberries

This pair of hanging blue hearts were recently requested by a customer and delivered last week :)

blue ceramic hearts

And my new ceramic heart clock has made it into the press this week! Firstly being featured in Home Living magazine

heart clock in Home Living mag

…and also featured as ‘Editor Loves’ on the Your East Anglian Wedding magazine website.

So that has made me very happy indeed :)

heart clock in east anglian wedding mag

To top off my week so far, I enjoyed a fun evening out cross country schooling with Dizzy on Wednesday. She was so good, I put all of my trust in her and I think she could sense it. Bombing through the water making big splashes was the best bit!

cross country schooling dizzy

 I have been doing some drawing every day this week as part of an exciting new sketchbook project I am working on. Details will follow in my next post so be sure to pop back on Monday to have a gander through my sketchbook.

Wishing you a great weekend! x

Folksy Friday – Trees

I love trees. Their different forms, shapes of leaves, texture of bark surfaces, and wonky roots have always been a large source of inspiration for my work.

Check out these gorgeous Folksy shops below, where I’ve selected some of my favourite tree related pieces. Get ready to drool!

Folksy Trees
Picture “Tree”
by Art in Hands

A Selection of Trees by MemotreeCrafts

Autumn Trees Cup by Julia Smith Ceramics

Tree Silver Earrings by k c hall jewellery

Lasercut Family Tree by Peaches and Chilli

Tree Pattern A4 Print by Felt Mountain Studios

 winter tree

Above is one of my favourite tree inspiration images taken from my Pinterest boards. Very apt for this time of year!

British Summertime ends

The above picture was taken from one of my recent early morning rides out on Dizzy. We explored a new bridleway and found a little wooden bridge to clip clop over. As it’s now the start of September and summer is coming to an end, I noticed the cow parsley is all drying out. Only a couple of months ago it was fresh and green and covered in bright white flowers.

Summer was a long time coming this year, and although I’ll miss it I’m kind of looking forward to autumn. I can’t wait for scarecrow festivals, pumpkin carving, wearing cosy jumpers and Ugg boots, hearty winter meals, sunny frosty mornings, seeing the leaves on the trees change colour, and making homemade soup.

Yesterday evening I made the most of the warm sunshine before it started to get dark, and walked a few miles around the local reservoir at the country park. The reflections on the water as the sun was setting were just beautiful.

Trees and their surfaces are one of many natural sources of inspiration for my ceramics.

On the way home we came across this little guy, among a few other tiny frogs that were jumping out in front of us. Most of the water has all dried up so the frogs are wandering about on pathways, probably trying to find somewhere moist to hide out.

Nature truly is an artwork in itself. What I love most about nature is that we are constantly surrounded by it in our everyday lives, even if you sometimes aren’t aware of it.

Next time you’re out and about, or just passing, why not take a moment to appreciate the nature around you?

As autumn approaches…

I’ve been enjoying the last of the last of the summer sun this week, busying away in the workshop with the door open, preparing for the cooler autumn days to start.

As well as working on new stock for upcoming fairs, I have also enjoyed making some one-off custom pieces for customers. Although I love receiving all orders, custom requests are my favourite because I know a specific piece is being made especially for someone which makes it even more special.

 Alongside keeping busy out in the workshop this week I have also been on a lovely (but super long) bike ride where I was able to view lots of stunning countryside. The bike ride started along a local canal with the intention of stopping off at a pub for a drink and then cycling back, which didn’t quite go to plan…

As we arrived so far at the end of the canal we had to change direction and go over a bridge, following what we thought was the direction to the next village, until we realised we had turned the wrong way about 5 miles in the wrong direction! But it was good fun finding a different route home.

A lot of the inspiration for my work comes from trees, so it was interesting to climb the ‘tree top walk’ in Salcey Forest last weekend. It was a little scary looking down but I managed to capture a few good photographs.

Hope you’ve had a good week!

A walk along the canal

We are so lucky to have a stretch of the canal only ten minutes walk from our house. We only discovered it yesterday while out exploring, after living here well over a month now. We knew it was here somewhere, but couldn’t find it last time we were out walking

You have to go through the woods and down some steep steps to get to the edge of the canal.

We discovered that a walk along the canal leads to a village pub, so now we know it’s there for next time :)

A few canal boats went past us… I would have loved to be sitting on the roof of a barge with a glass of wine, but yesterday I made do with sitting in the garden with a glass of wine instead! :)

Winter Walk

I can’t believe how quickly the autumn leaves are falling from the trees. The gorgeous red, yellow and orange colours from the leaves are a rare treat when autumn comes, because they are all gone before you know it!

That Christmassy feeling is definitely in the air now, there are Christmas songs being played in shops, the garden centres are littered with decorations and the Christmas lights were turned on in our town this weekend (by Chesney Hawkes!)

I’m trying not to get wrapped up into it yet. There is still so much to do in preparation for The Contemporary Craft Christmas Shopping Experience – work still to be made, glazed, fired, orders to finish. So no mince pies for me until everything is all up to date :) I think I’ll wait a couple of weeks when all the hectic days are over with, then I’ll be able to relax and put the Christmas decorations up, which I am itching to do!

At the weekend I went for a walk in the woods with Dave, where I took these photos of the sunlight bursting through the trees. This has given me inspiration for a new surface design. We collected lots of twigs to use for new my hanging mobiles/wind chimes – more on these soon!
It was Dave’s birthday yesterday and we had a lovely meal in a restaurant and sat next to an open fire, surrounded by yet more Christmas decorations!

For now I’ll leave you with these winter tree images to enjoy. Hope you all have a good week!

A Walk in the Woods

Today I am pleased to announce that I have a guest post featured on the ArtMind blog.

I’ve been a huge fan of Mitsy’s blog for a long time and it is a privilege to have a whole post featured there. My post is titled “A Walk in the Woods”… head over there to read more!

Castle Ashby Gardens

During the quiet period of the craft fair at Castle Ashby on Sunday afternoon, I took the opportunity to wander around the gardens and take some photos. If you’ve never visited the gardens of Castle Ashby House, I would definitely recommend it as a day out, the views are simply stunning! It wasn’t until I walked around that I realised how big the gardens are, and I almost got lost at one point!

~ The Orangery ~

Beautiful pond swarmed with lily pads and lilies waiting to burst open;

As many of you know I am in love with trees, bark and roots! (view my walk in the country park post). This tree was a whopper!

So inspirational! :)

Trip to Country Park

Yesterday we went for a walk around a local country park. As usual we picked the wrong time to go, it had been raining the night before so it was a bit muddy, but it was nice to be out in the peaceful fresh air.

We followed the numbered trail,

Came across some rather unusual shaped trees,

Found some pretty dried thistles,

And saw some wibbly wobbly roots.

I’ve always found tree roots interesting.

And I usually like strange things that most other people wouldn’t stop to look at, such as mould or decayed tree trunks. Does that make me weird?!

Trees have always inspired me. I remember doing a photography project on trees at uni, I developed the photographs in black and white. I wish I had made a copy of the photos, I never got that work back.

They are in the process of working on some fun activities at the country park. Soon we’ll be able to glide through the trees on rope bridges, zip lines and cargo nets!

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