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Folksy Friday: Weather Change

There has certainly been a change in the weather this week, and I think it’s now safe to say ‘so long’ to summer! I will miss the warm sunshine, but I suppose it will make a nice change, although I’m not looking forward to being in the workshop.  My woolly jumpers have already made an appearance over the last few days.

However, I’ll be cutting out 4 weeks of the cold English weather in Oct/Nov this year… as I’ll be in Thailand! :D

This weeks Folksy Friday is themed on the change in the weather… I found some stunning work to share with you:

1. Rainbow Cloud Mobile by Rockin’ Robin Crafts

2. Autumn Seedheads by Linen Prints

3. Pink and Grey Fingerless Gloves by Daisy Beth

4. Umbrella A3 Giclee Print by Charlie’s Hand

5. Winter Landscape Cuff by Claire Gent

6. Storm Cloud Pendant by Sasha Garrett

Also new to my shop this week, I’ve been sorting my ceramic buttons. This ‘winter branches’ button is very apt to the theme!

This week…

I was at The Benn Hall in Rugby yesterday, selling my work at the annual Craft & Gift Fair. It was a good day with people queueing up outside before the fair had opened in the morning. I turned up an hour early but this helped as I didn’t have to rush setting up and I was also thankful of an extra pair of hands to help.

Although the Christmas orders are rolling in, and I have stock to be cracking on with, I like to have a good break from being in the workshop, and that’s where horse riding comes in. I used to have my own horse years ago… I’m loving getting back into riding now. This is Amelia, isn’t she gorgeous? She’s very quick too!

Countryside walks are a big refreshing break for me. I find walking a good source of inspiration and also an opportunity for some nature photography.

Something very exciting is happening tomorrow… a photographer from the Daventry Express newspaper is coming to do a photo shoot of me with some of my work in the workshop, which will be used for a special bi-monthly magazine (more info on this soon). I’m very excited! The workshop has been tidied in preparation, and then I can make a start on Christmas orders. If you have any special requests for handmade custom orders please let me know as soon as possible as I will only be doing a couple more kiln firings before Christmas…

I was happy to receive this lovely photo from one of my customers last week, of the custom bathroom pieces in use that I made for her new bathroom. They look fab!

Here’s the pumpkin we carved last week… Not bad for a second attempt! I roasted the pumpkin seeds with some seasoning which were delicious.

Happy Halloween!

This week…

We were lucky enough to see bright blue autumn skies last weekend but it’s turned dull and drizzly again. I’m not looking forward to the dark mornings looming ahead… But to brighten my mornings I finally have some flowers in the dandelion vase that I made for myself. Hand picked coral gladioli from the garden, they cheer me up every day.

The craft fair season will soon be in full swing, with my first fair starting next weekend 20th & 21st at Lamport Hall, Northamptonshire. The Craft & Gift Fair will be set in some old stables and I’ve been trying out some new layout ideas for my stall.

I also treated myself to a new handmade custom apron from Charlotte Macey Textiles this week. It has gorgeous embroidered daisies on the front with a double pocket which will be perfect for wearing at fairs.

My new cards have took off nicely since their introduction. I will be packing some up into sets as well as individually to send out today.

I came across these images below yesterday and had to share them… How amazing!

Wishing you a nice weekend with some sunshine wherever you are x


Autumn Selection

Since the strange but appreciated warm weather last week, there is definitely a chill in the air this week. The wind has also picked up today, with lots of orange and yellow leaves falling from the trees and crunching beneath our feet. With autumn in mind, here’s a collection of seasonal items that can all be found in my shop. Enjoy!

Autumn – Four Folksy Finds

The evenings are slowly starting to draw in now, its definitely scarf and glove weather for me! I’ve noticed a change in the drying process of my work, each item takes twice as long to dry completely out in this cold weather. I suppose thats more of a good thing though, because the slower the clay dries out, the better – it gives me more control over it. A lot of my new work in progress is very seasonal. I get a lot of my inspiration from the natural world and the change in the weather this year has given me new design ideas. Since I can’t show any of my finished work yet (watch this space!), I thought I’d share four of my favourite autumn finds from Folksy.

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