Riverside Sculptural Vessel



As featured in Ceramic Review Magazine!

This handmade ceramic garden vessel is approx 45cm high. It is a very decorative/textural piece with a focus on turquoise and cream colours.

Lots of surface decoration covers the piece, including impressed textures, scorred marks, crater glaze and small pieces of different clays rolled into the surface.

This piece would look stunning in any room, next to a fireplace, at the top of a stairway, or as a garden pond feature. It is suitable for displaying outdoors all year round, due to the durable stoneware clay and glazes that have been used to seal the surface.

This vessel would make a lovely planter, with its generously deep base for holding soil and growing roots.

Easy to wipe clean.

The item you will receive is the exact piece pictured.

This is a completely unique and one-off item, no two pieces are ever the same!