August 19, 2015

Pottering about

The kiln is almost full again… I’m just finishing off some little heart shaped ring bowls and a few sets of coasters, then a new batch of fired goodness will be ready for filling up my shop! A new pink glaze arrived last week so I have been experimenting with that on a number of […]

June 12, 2014

In The Studio

It’s been another busy week! Alongside making new work, I am busy horse riding, sorting accounts, liaising with new contacts, sending orders and trying to sort out our lawn… I accidentally killed patches of it by putting lawn feed down a few weeks ago, and for some reason it didn’t like it šŸ™ So those […]

May 9, 2014

The new studio

Wow – Since moving house a couple of weeks ago, the change of my work space going from a small wooden shed to a garage is a pretty big transformation. I now have cupboard storage space, a nice clean open floor to move around, and actual brick walls surrounding me! I am now naming my […]

February 20, 2014

In The Workshop . . .

It’s great to be back behind the work bench, getting covered in clay and creating some brand new work. I can often ‘just pop out for ten minutes’ to fiddle with something and then end up staying out here for hours! With a constant supply of tea, of course šŸ™‚ Some new pieces are finally […]

November 5, 2012

In the Workshop…

This time of year is a bit of a nightmare in the workshop. I’m finding the clay is taking much longer to dry compared to in the summer months. I might have to start bringing pieces inside the house where it is warm and cosy to finish off the drying out process soon. A selection […]

May 24, 2012

In the Workshop…

It has gone from one extreme to the other out in the workshop over the past couple of weeks… Last week it was cold and damp with everything taking an age to dry out, and with the heater on to keep warm. Whereas this week it is actually physically too hot to be in the […]

February 11, 2010

My Creative Space & Exciting News

This week I’ve been out in the workshop a lot. It’s much warmer with the new insulation up, and Dave coated the outside so it should have sealed it all a lot more too. I’ve been busy casting new vases, and making more of my usual pieces. I’ve also started on some new items, but […]

February 5, 2010

Workspace Feature

I’ve kindly had my workspace and an interview featured on the Nottingham Craft Mafia blog. I really enjoyed writing about my workshop, it made me appreciate the space I’ve got, no matter how cold it is at the moment! Click here to read the interview with more images. Thanks to Helen for featuring me! I […]

December 21, 2009

My studio has been featured!

I wrote this article for the Artists in Business blog, as they have a “In The Studio” section and feature a few artists every month. I had a message today saying I’d been featured for December, and here it is: Ceramic Artist Charlotte Hupfield “My passion for ceramics started from an early age, and it […]

October 10, 2009

Workshop snaps, work in progress…

I have noticed a big change in the weather whilst out in the workshop this week, it has been sooo cold! I’m lucky to have a halogen heater which soon heats up the small space, making it feel nice and cosy. I’ve noticed someone watching me from outside while I’m working… he’s small and fat […]

June 26, 2009

Grand Tour of my new Den!

It’s finally set up and ready to go!!! I have been so excited arranging where I wanted everything to be placed and finding homes for my tools and materials etc, although I have been a little impatient as I haven’t fully insulated it from the inside yet. It gets way to hot in there at […]

June 15, 2009

My New Workshop!

I’m so excited to have my new ‘workshop’ built! I haven’t started to move everything in yet as I’m waiting to get a high wooden work bench to put inside, and I would like to insulate the walls and roof from inside so its not as cold in winter. I also plan to put some […]