June 3, 2016

New Tutti Frutti Glaze

I’m in love with a new glaze recipe that I’ve been testing, which I have named ‘tutti frutti‘, and it appears you lot are loving it too!

The different glaze layers appear in a combination of colours ranging from fuchsia, mauve, sandy brown/mustard, and hints of blue. The layers of colour add more depth and texture to each ceramic piece.

purple ceramic flower bowl

With textures or impressed detail on the ceramic surface, the tutti frutti glaze appears strong in colour when picking up the highlights of the texture.

Dandelion Heads Ceramic Clock

On the roof of this ceramic house below I have used the tutti frutti glaze, which shows more of the fuchsia colour coming through.

ceramic tea light house with tree

All of these pieces are currently available in my online shop. If you have a particular piece in mind that you would like custom made or personalised, (especially with my new tutti frutti glaze!), please feel free to get in touch.

lace heart tea light holder

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