June 1, 2016

My Ceramic Rose is famous!

Make! Craft Britain‘…

a brand new programme looking at the talents of the country’s crafters, is coming soon to BBC Four, and my ceramic rose is featured on the website! Yay!


BBC Make! Craft Britain ceramic rose


For more information about the programme and to view a gallery of more craft peoples work, click here.

My ceramic roses are made in various different colours and can be displayed outdoors as well as inside the home.

How I made the ceramic rose…

ornamental red ceramic rose

I was asked to make a ceramic flower posy suitable for outdoors, in particular to decorate a gravestone. After making my first decorative ceramic flowers and knowing that they worked well, this led to more flowers being made.

I start off using small rolled pieces of soft clay, forming a cone shape in the middle and then working outwards adding petals until I am satisfied with the overall look. Forming the petals is my favourite part because I can do this while watching TV in the evening! Leaves are then cut to shape, assembled onto an upside down shallow bowl shape which is formed using a press-mould, and then once the rose has had a day or 2 to stiffen up it is stuck down on top of the leaves by scoring the underside, and using slip (clay mixed with water) to ‘glue’ it into place.

Once fully dried the whole piece is decorated with glazes and fired in an electric kiln up to 1260’C in my garage.

The whole process takes about a week to complete.

If you are interested in purchasing one of my ornamental ceramic roses or if you think you know someone who would love a ceramic rose as a gift, please feel free to get in touch.


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