August 19, 2015

Pottering about

vases in progress

The kiln is almost full again… I’m just finishing off some little heart shaped ring bowls and a few sets of coasters, then a new batch of fired goodness will be ready for filling up my shop!

pink glaze

A new pink glaze arrived last week so I have been experimenting with that on a number of different pieces, including a special wedding order.

wedding ceramics

I love this time of year! Not only does clay dry out in half the time so pieces can get finished sooner, but it’s perfect for getting out and about with Dizzy.

Lots of exciting horsey things happen when the sun in shining šŸ™‚ In fact we are off on an outing to a cross country course this evening.


I stopped the car to take this picture the other day… just beautiful!


Our Christmas tree from last year is still alive! We kept it in the pot so fingers crossed it can be brought back in for this winter too.

christmas tree

Other exciting news :: We are in the process of having the wall knocked down in between our kitchen and dining room to turn it into one big space. Our new kitchen arrived last week, it will be stored flat packed in the conservatory for now. Molly seems impressed with it!

kitchen delivery

And while everything else is going on I’m wedding planning in-between šŸ™‚

wedding planning

This is my motto at the moment…

eat sleep create

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