July 11, 2013

Nature’s Artwork

There are many sources of inspiration for my work, predominantly natural findings. Is it weird that I find old, rusty, weathered and distressed surfaces interesting? The tree images above are all of different types and stages of rust. I love the textures and colours, although I think it’s the patterns I find the most appealing.

The image below shows an old piece of rusty metal. To me, I see a rocky landscape with low clouds, merging into a deep sky and sunset.

Surfaces are without a doubt my main source of inspiration, but I’m also inspired by organic objects such as leaves, pine cones, shells, seed heads, pebbles, plant life, dried fruit and pods.

Can you see how some of these inspiration images have inspired the surfaces of my ceramics?

My Work:

I think trees are also an interesting influence to my work. From the shapes and forms of a trunk, to the twisted and entwined roots often popping up from under the ground. But again, it’s the surface of the tree bark I find myself most drawn to. Look at the lovely patterns, colours and textures of these trees below…

Each of these images have been taken from my Inspiration Pinterest Board where you will find the original source by clicking on each image. You will also find a bunch of other images that I’ve collected for inspiration – Happy browsing!

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  1. I think I totally understand you.I also “feel” these surfaces.There are no exlanations.

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