August 1, 2011

Beautiful Photography

It’s been photography mad here over the past week! We have been experimenting with a new Digital SLR, which has worked wonders on the product photography for my ceramics.  We went for a walk along the canal last weekend and got some great shots. Here are just a few of my favourites… aren’t they beautiful?

Molly <3

Which photograph is your favourite?

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  1. It’s so difficult to pick a favourite, The 1st one with the hover fly on the thistle is brilliant and the barges on the canal make me want to be there, all of them are lovely, lucky you on having a ‘Dave’

    Jan x

  2. It has to be Molly, how could you pick another! Love her brown little chin. Little tip for next time, focus on the nose and raise the f number. You will then get nose and eyes in focus.

  3. I also like the first image, all good photos for a newbie to the SLR world. Keep the photos coming Charlotte & Dave.

  4. Thanks for the tip Matt. I love the brown smudge on Molly’s nose 🙂

  5. All are brilliant but Molly has my vote – I’m a sucker for fur-babies!

    Fantastic shots though

    Ali x

  6. Gorgeous! I love the last one. So when can I bring products over for a photoshoot 😉 ? xx

  7. It has to be molly!!!!! Hope you are well haven’t left a message for a while! Kxxx

  8. The last one with the pink flower is an amazing photo!

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