July 22, 2011

Playing with Pebbles

During my trip to the seaside a few weeks ago, I collected a tonne of these flat pebbles from one of the sandy beaches to make something with at home. The varied shades of colour in them were gorgeous, and the more pebbles I collected, the more I couldn’t stop! I initially started by filling my pockets with a few but then had to resort to a big carrier bag. They weighed the car down quite a lot on the way home too!I had an idea what I wanted to use the pebbles for, but had been looking for a particular type of mirror for a while. Yesterday I came across the perfect mirror (in a sale – bonus!), and spent the evening last night arranging the pebbles like a jig-saw around the edge of the mirror to create a border.

The pebbles were stuck down onto the mirror using a hot glue gun. Doesn’t it look fab!

(and another photo just to show off the beautiful pink hydrangeas in the garden…)

The mirror is going to be hung up in the bathroom. 

I used the rest of the pebbles to decorate the borders of some flat clipped photo frames, which will look lovely when I print off the perfect photos to go inside them. I’ll be sending one of the frames down to my friend in Plymouth with a photo of us and 2 other friends from when we were at the seaside, as a thank you for letting us stay. I hope she’ll love it!

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  1. Those are absolutely gorgeous and your photography is stunning too!

  2. Beautiful! In the first picture I thought the pebbles were laid around a pond because of the way the mirror was reflecting the sky.

  3. I thought it was a pond too! Amazing when you see something out of context. It's lovely 🙂

  4. ThatFuzzyFeeling July 22, 2011 at 7:57 pm Reply

    Great idea – the mirror looks amazing!

  5. The mirror is amazing. Love it. I am a sucker for pebbles too. x

  6. I love this!!! I am going to try this myself! The mirror I found, doesn’t have a backing; a way to hang it, suggestions?

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