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One of the little detailed sources of inspiration for my work.

Circles found within nature:


{shells}             {bark}             {sea rocks}             {plant cells}

giant redwood peeling paint






{giant redwood}                                              {peeling paint}

Circles incorporated into my work:

teal circles bowl

dandelion panelled wall hanging

trio of ceramic magnets

beneath the sea vases

toffee circle coasters

bubbles bowl detail

seashore bowl detail

ceramic letter rack

dandelions vase detail

Nature’s Artwork

There are many sources of inspiration for my work, predominantly natural findings. Is it weird that I find old, rusty, weathered and distressed surfaces interesting? The tree images above are all of different types and stages of rust. I love the textures and colours, although I think it’s the patterns I find the most appealing.

The image below shows an old piece of rusty metal. To me, I see a rocky landscape with low clouds, merging into a deep sky and sunset.

Surfaces are without a doubt my main source of inspiration, but I’m also inspired by organic objects such as leaves, pine cones, shells, seed heads, pebbles, plant life, dried fruit and pods.

Can you see how some of these inspiration images have inspired the surfaces of my ceramics?

My Work:

I think trees are also an interesting influence to my work. From the shapes and forms of a trunk, to the twisted and entwined roots often popping up from under the ground. But again, it’s the surface of the tree bark I find myself most drawn to. Look at the lovely patterns, colours and textures of these trees below…

Each of these images have been taken from my Inspiration Pinterest Board where you will find the original source by clicking on each image. You will also find a bunch of other images that I’ve collected for inspiration – Happy browsing!


 { Logs }        { bubbles }        { sky}        { reflections }

Surface Inspiration

Browsing images of inspiration in my Pinterest Boards, a few recent ‘pins’ have really stood out and caught my eye. I use these images to develop surface design/decoration ideas onto the surface of clay when making.

Can you believe the above image is of rust? It’s amazing how something so old and weathered can appear so beautiful. I love the colours.

This fantastic piece above is by artist Amy Eisenfeld Genser, I recently came across her work and has trouble choosing which image to share… Each of her individual dimensional paper collages are stunning. Check out her website for more inspirational pieces.

Another image that truly inspires me is this beach snapshot above. I love the contrasting light and dark colours, amongst layers of texture and linear patterns. I think this would make a stunning wall piece.

Refreshing Inspiration

Here’s a little snippet of soome of the images from my pin board that are inspiring me this week.

Simple and elegant… I’m still in coastal seasidey mode!

The sources of these images can be found on my pinterest boards. Hope they inspire you too!

Surface Designs

Looking through my folder of inspiration images, I came across many that involved some sort of circular design. I put together this collage above of some of my favourites, and then compared them to some images of my work involving circles too. I think it is clear to say that circle patterns in nature are a big source of inspiration for my work!

Sources of Inspiration and Pumpkins

Many artists, designers and crafts people struggle for inspiration and creativity at some point during their design processes and thoughts. With me being one of them recently, I dug out this book by Carolyn Genders – Sources of Inspiration – a brilliant visual source for applied artists working in any medium.
I usually find that looking through my collection of books gets me going, and new ideas begin to flow. After having a good flick through the pages and taking in all of the influential images in this book, I’m starting to feel really inspired and excited to start making new work again, which is about time considering I need to get a move on with my Christmas stock! Look out for my latest work over the next few weeks.

Carolyn Genders is a ceramicist herself, so I can really relate to a lot of the things she writes about. What I am most impressed by are her sketchbook pages, which she shares in snippets and shows how images can be visually abstracted and then refined and developed to create other beautiful patterns, designs and forms. The result is not only a useful guide to how the creative process works but also a glourious sourcebook of images, of both natural and manmade objects.

I really like these pages below, full of colourful observational drawings of pumpkins and gourds, all generated using different drawing techniques.

Talking of pumpkins…!

These 3 beauties were taken off the vine last week. They weigh a tonne! Does anyone know why 2 of them haven’t turned orange? I think it’s because they didn’t get as much sunlight. They are now in the conservatory so will still get some sunlight, but I’m not sure if they can still turn orange at this stage? Pumpkin soup will be on the menu in a few weeks, and 2 of the pumpkins are going to be carved out at Halloween. I found this site for pumpkin carving ideas which looks quite interesting.

Watch this space for carved pumpkins!

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