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Something broken into something new

A few weeks ago my mum told me that she had something sad to tell me. One of my vases that she had displayed in her living room smashed on the floor while she was hoovering. (I hate that with hoovers – mine blows air out from the back and always blows the magnets off the fridge when I’m hoovering the kitchen!) It was the same thing that happened with my mums hoover – the air blowing out of it blew the vase off the shelf.
I asked if she still had the bits to the broken vase, because I had an idea of making something else out of it. I smashed the vase up a bit more (wearing goggles and covering the vase in a tea towel by the way!), and used the best bits to combine into some new hanging mobiles / wind chimes.

The vase had a landscape design glazed on the surface, which you can still make out from the broken pieces. I combined strips of coloured glass, shells, ribbon, copper wire and other ceramic bits and bobs that I had lying around.

The snow day last week was an ideal opportunity to photograph the mobiles against a nice crisp white background. Snow does have it’s uses!

I also made this larger piece, which is my favourite out of the two.

Now I can give my mum something new, and she still has the ‘vase’ :)

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