Just a few of my favourite snapshots from my birthday last weekend…

I ate practically all of this cake (oops!) and drank plenty of wine.

birthday cake

I took Dizzy to a cross country course where we had lots of fun jumping and playing in the water.

XC on Dizzy

I was treated to a delicious meal out at one of my favourite restaurants, and received some fantastic news – We now have a moving date to move into our new house next week! Best birthday present ever :)

pizza express birthday meal

Spring Exhibition at Number Four Gallery

Spring Exhibition at Number Four Gallery

I am very excited to be taking part in the Spring Exhibition at Number Four Gallery in Eyemouth, Berwickshire. The launch of the exhibition began over the weekend, which clearly set off with a bang with lots of people turning up to view new work from talented designers, makers and artists.

A selection of my vases, ceramic houses, coasters and beach hut wall hangings are on show in the exhibition.

Vases at Number Four Gallery

Houses at Number Four Gallery

Beach Huts at Number Four Gallery

You will also find a huge selection of more work by other artists from all over the country at the gallery. My favourites are below… I love the balance of muted natural pieces with bright and colourful pieces – something for everyone at a range of different prices.

If you see something you like I would advise contacting the gallery to check if it is still available as like my work, many of these pieces are one-offs.

Spring Exhibition

Number Four Gallery is in a relaxed, light and airy space where you are welcome to browse. The gallery itself is situated in the dramatic and rural landscape of the Scottish borders on the east Berwickshire coastline, where you cannot fail to be impressed by the headlands outstanding natural beauty.

The spring exhibition runs until 29th June 2014. Definitely worth a visit if you are in the area!

Fresh From The Kiln (part 2 of 3)

{ View part 1 of Fresh From the Kiln }

ceramic lace vases

If you see something you like just click on the image and it will take you directly to that category of my shop.

These new ceramic bud vases make a cute little collection, I am really happy with them and love the lace designs. Bud vases are perfect for holding short stemmed flowers or small buds. I first made my first ever bud vase for my Nan a few years ago as she used to pick small flowers from the garden to keep on her kitchen window sill.

green ceramic bud vase

ceramic bud vases

under the sea ceramic waves bowl

 ’Under The Sea’ wavy bowl – Impressed with real shells, gives off a strong seaside / coastal theme with beautiful recycled bright blue glass melted in the base. Textured glaze decorates the wavy edges.

ceramic hanging heart

New organic hanging hearts – Each heart is unique.

I have just finished a custom order of a hanging heart decoration for somebody wanting slate grey and burgundy colours to match their new bathroom.

hanging hearts ceramic decoration

Hearts are a popular shape throughout a lot of my pieces . . .

dandelions heart dish

Dandelions Heart Dish – I’ve made a few of these heart dishes with a similar design but they all turn out differently. This one is my favourite, the colours are subtle & pretty.

blue thistles ceramic bowl

Blue Thistles Elongated Ceramic Bowl – An elegant design with striking blue glazes.

Check back soon to view part 3 of my latest pieces ‘fresh from the kiln’

Fresh From The Kiln (part 1 of 3)

The kiln was unloaded last week – everything turned out perfectly including all special custom orders (which makes a change!) so I am very happy.

If you see something you like just click on the image and it will take you directly to that category of my shop.

ceramic brooch

handmade ceramic brooches

These new ceramic brooches came out beautifully, the blue one is my favourite – I must make one for myself.

textured sand dunes bowl

textured bowl detail

Elongated ‘Sand Dunes’ bowl – Filled with lots of texture, and a new overlapping effect.

organic ceramic coasters

New coaster sets – My coasters now come with little rubber feet on the bases to stop them moving around and to protect your surfaces, rather than the old foam I used to use. I have found the rubber feet work much better.

rustic ceramic bunting

Organic ceramic bunting – Love this, it would look really lovely hanging out in the garden as well as inside the home. I’m going to find a nice spot to hang some in my new garden.

handmade ceramic vases

New Sky Line vases – Unfortunately none of these are available at the moment as they have been sent off to an exhibition at Number Four Gallery in Eyemouth. There are a few similar vase designs available in my shop though.

textured ceramic tealight dish


The crater glaze turned out really well on this little bowl. The texture looks stunning and I love the dusky pink colour it has produced. Bright turquoise glass has melted and pooled into the centre.

That’s all for now, but be sure to check back soon to view part 2 of my latest pieces ‘fresh from the kiln’

NEW Ceramic Houses

ceramic houses

Further to the popularity of the ceramic houses I made last year, I am excited to share some new ones with you – Fresh from the kiln!

I have had ‘house stuff’ on the brain for the last few months since buying our first house. When I unloaded the kiln last week I realised just how many new ‘house’ designs I had been using on other pieces, so it was clear that this is what has been on my mind.

small ceramic houses

All going well, we should be moving in in a few weeks. I am SO excited!

ceramic house roof

ceramic cottages

Anyway, back to ceramic houses…  Each house is hollow with various windows cut out, making it perfect to sit a tea light candle inside for light to shine out through the holes, creating pretty patterns of light on surrounding walls.

ceramic house lit up with shadows

Each side of the house has different characteristics so the position of it can be changed to view a different angle.

As always, each house or cottage is a unique one-off, handmade by me in my workshop :)

Some of my new houses and cottages have been sent straight off to a gallery for an exhibition (details to follow soon), but there are still some available in my online shop.

NEW Ceramic Curves

 Introducing a brand new product to my range for spring 2014…

ceramic curves

row of thistles ceramic curve

ceramic curves

Each curved panel stands as one piece and can be displayed at any angle. Beautifully decorated with different designs, textures and colours, ceramic curves would look stunning displayed in the home and would look great on a window sill.

rustic dandelions ceramic curve detail

I really enjoyed making these – it’s fun to work on something new.

seaside cottages ceramic curve

The form of the ceramic curves were initially inspired by some of the curves from steps leading up to a temple from my trip to Thailand. It’s funny how something so subtle can trigger an idea.

This is one of my photographs below from Wat Pra Thad Doi Suthep temple in Chaing Mai.

Temple steps in Thailand

Incorporating Ceramics Into Your Home

square tree trunk vesselMost people want to live in an attractive and comfortable home, which is probably why magazines and television programs about interior decoration are so popular.  It is now very easy to find a huge range of tips and advice on how to decorate a home, such as how to make a room look bigger, brighter, more fashionable, and welcoming.  However, there is one drawback to following fashion and design instructions to the letter – it is very easy to create a home that is technically perfect but lacking in personality.

Fortunately, there are as many ways to stamp personality into a room, as there are ways to decorate it.  One often-overlooked way of doing this is with ceramics.

When a room is decorated to fashionable perfection and filled with really lovely furniture, perhaps it is time to start another search, this time for striking artisan ceramics that will add a splash of personality to the home without compromising its design values.

ceramic toothbrush and toothpaste holder

Ceramics come in an almost limitless array of styles, sizes, and prices, so there is certain to be a ceramic piece to suit any interior.  It is possible to buy factory-made ceramics in many shops, but it is hand-made and artisan ceramics that really make the difference.  When purchasing such an item, an individual is not merely buying a functional item, but also a work of art.  Many hand-made ceramics are made either on a ‘once only’ or limited-edition basis, so there is very little chance of neighbors having the same item, and some hand-made ceramics may increase in value over time.

A huge range of ceramics is available today, and in a number of creative designs.  Ceramic clocks, framed ceramic ‘pictures,’ vases, pots, plaques, wind chimes, and even ceramic garlands are great ways of dressing up a room and giving it some character.  Of course there are also the traditional bowls and plates, which can be varied in texture and colour to add variety to a room.

ceramic sugar bowl / spoon restSince many ceramics are quite small, they are great for adding a shot of bright colour or unusual texture to a space.  This is where hand-made items, as opposed to factory-made, really come into their own.  Factory-made items are almost all ‘perfect,’ in that they all look the same.  Hand-made ceramics, on the other hand, are almost designed to be ‘imperfect,’ each item appearing slightly different and possessing its own character as a result.  Even better, the range of textural and colour effects that ceramic artists can achieve is astonishing and very useful to anybody decorating a home.  For example, a rustic ceramic bowl finished in vivid orange and red will add a welcome burst of colour to a room, whereas a rug or curtains in a similar shade might be far too overpowering.  Ceramics are also easy to move around, which adds a little more versatility.  Different styles can also be combined to great effect – a mix of vintage and new kitchen ceramics can look stunning.

If a room is looking just a little bit too formulaic, there is one clear answer – start looking out for ceramics!


Workshop Update

coastal wall panels

Slowly but surely… I am getting there with my latest batch of work. I have really enjoyed creating some new style pieces and can’t wait to see the results from the glaze firing. The only thing is, I seem to have produced so much new work that I’m not sure everything will fit into the kiln – it’s going to be a tight squeeze!

glazing in progress
When I first got my new kiln at the start of 2012, I thought it would be a challenge to fill it every time as I was previously only used to a very small chamber kiln. But now, my new kiln isn’t quite big enough!

hearts and bunting flags in progress

What I love most about my glazing process is the fact that the colours always look so different when fired. It’s nice to see the contrasting comparison of before and after.

vase detail

There has been a production line of clay houses in the workshop for quite some time now, so I am pleased to say that they are finally finished. It has been fun creating these quirky cottages full of character. I can’t wait to photograph them with tea light candles inside.

decorating ceramic houses

aerial view of clay houses

A few custom orders will be going in the kiln this week, including a couple of personalised heart plaques, a decorative plate, impressed baby hand and footprints, and even a plaque with some doggy paw prints impressed!

If you have been waiting for your custom order, thank you so much for your patience. Not much longer to wait now :)

coasters bowls hanging decoraions

coasters waiting to be glazed

It won’t be long now until I will be setting up my brand new studio in the garage when I move house. Although I love my shed in the garden, it will be so much nicer to be able to spread out more comfortably in a bigger space. Moving my kiln is going to be a mission, but I’m ready for it!

Spring has arrived!


I have been looking forward to the arrival of spring for so long.

Just a little collage of images showing some of my latest items where I’ve been playing around with some different photography. I’m really pleased with the results :) Each of the pieces below are currently for sale in my online shop, but as always, there is only one of each available.

You’ll also notice the odd spring inspired image thrown in, which are some of my favourites. I couldn’t resist!


New Stockist :: CDS Gallery

I am very excited to now be showing a selection of my work at the Claire Danielle Sherriff Gallery in Cotesbach, Leicestershire.

ceramic vases and coasters

CDS Gallery & Studio is situated within the rural setting of the Cotesbach Estate Stable Yard and is part of a creative business community.

CDS Gallery

The CDS Gallery was founded in 2013 by Claire Sherriff, where she displays and sells handmade art and crafts by designer-makers, and also her own jewellery. The gallery also consists of Claire’s silversmithing studio, where you can watch her create one-off pieces of jewellery and metalwork.

Claire at CDS Gallery

CDS Gallery currently stocks some beautiful pieces by very talented designer makers. A few of my favourites are…

Alex Shimwell Ceramics:

Alex Shimwell ceramics


Jamie Parks Ceramic Jewellery:

Jamie Parks ceramic jewellery

Lucy Large Paper Artist:

Lucy Large paper artist

Helen Russell Ceramic Creations:

Helen Russell ceramic creations

Definitely worth a visit if you are in the area!

‘All Things Bright and Beautiful’

All Things Bright and Beautiful 1

All Things Bright and Beautiful 2

What an exciting exhibition!

All Things Bright and Beautiful’ will be running from 7th March – 26th April 2014 at the Victoria Fearne Gallery in Cardiff, with an open evening being held on Friday 7th March to kick things off.

There will be wine and nibbles to enjoy whilst you browse the fantastic selection of paintings, art and gifts  on show- perfect with Mother’s Day and Easter in mind.

There will be a selection of my colourful flower pod bowls for sale, along with fun ceramic hot air balloon wall hangings and a large vase. Each piece is a unique one-off so once their gone, their gone!

CH Ceramics at Victoria Fearne Gallery

Take home something beautiful, handmade with love.

New Stockist :: Nice Things

Nice Things

You can now find a selection of my work for sale at Nice Things at the Harbour Parade in Ramsgate, Kent.

In the above picture you can spot my countryside clock, tall spattered vase, organic heart hangings, flower pod bowl and lily pond vessel all to the left.

If you are ever in the area, pop in for a browse!

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