Meet Jenson & Lewis!

The two newest members in our home! Jenson and Lewis are our new goldfish, Dave wanted to name them after his favourite Formula1 racing drivers and I liked the names, so they’ve stuck! I’ve kept tropical fish before, so wanted to try something different.

Jenson is an Oranda goldfish, he’s white with a bright orange brain. He loves swimming in the bubbles, and enjoys parading his beautiful colours up and down the tank.

Lewis on the other hand is quite shy. He is a Black Moor goldfish, and I don’t think he is as photogenic as Jenson!

(I didn’t use a flash when taking these photos.)

The whole aquarium is quite large so they both look a bit lost in there at the moment but I only wanted to get 2 fish for now, so that they can adapt to their environment and hopefully grow really big!

Just need to get a few more plants to go at the back. Molly hasn’t even spotted them yet… but I suppose that’s a good thing! I keep expecting to come home and find everywhere flooded. Lets hope not!

3 Responses to Meet Jenson & Lewis!

  1. Miss Val's Creations says:

    Congratulations on your new family members! They are both so handsome! ~Val

  2. Anna says:

    awww they are lovely….and so is the beautiful Molly. Has she spotted them yet?

  3. Carrie says:

    So cute…..your Molly is going to love these!

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