Monthly Archives: August 2010

What a mess!

Since I unpacked everything from my last craft fair just over a week ago, my workshop has somehow gotten into a big mess. Most of my storage boxes are half empty because I’ve taken items out of them when looking for specific items that people have purchased, and I haven’t bothered to put the others all back again afterwards which isn’t quite like me!

Some things are wrapped up, some things are waiting to be put away. I’ve got work in progress drying out, and orders being made in the middle of all the chaos!

I’m looking forward to getting stuck into all of the mess, and sorting everything out properly. I’ve got my big show coming up at the Bristol Balloon Fiesta next week (blimey, it has come round so fast!), so I need to get everything packed up ready to go. I’m happy with the amount of stock I thankfully managed to make over the past couple of months in preparation. I’ve had a few random orders from new customers that have phoned up out of the blue wanting to buy items for birthdays coming up. I’m happy and grateful for these orders, and glad I made so much stock now! It is also nice to know that people who have picked up my leaflets at previous craft fairs are genuinely interested in my work.
My shops will be on holiday mode from 10th – 16th August, so please be sure to get any orders in before then!

Funky Interiors

I can’t help looking at interior design and decoration ideas now that we’re moving house soon. It’s so exciting! Last week we went to Ikea and bought lots of stuff for the new house. Here are some of the funky interiors I’ve been looking at…

purl soho

Image above found on decor8 blog. We want to get some big comfy beanbags, these cushions are a funky alternative.

How cool would this conversation pit be for having friends round?

I love these decorative lighting paper balls – they wouldn’t last long with Molly around though! She would probably try climbing up them.

These little conservatory style booths by Mark Seelen would be fun to hide out in during a thunderstorm!

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