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*SALE* Half Price Bowls & Giveaway!

When I was cleaning out my workshop the other day, I found some little bowls that have been sitting around for a while. I would love to see them go to new homes! Each bowl is now half price, available from my direct online store only.

Each bowl is approx 12cm diameter, and would make a perfect tea light candle holder, soap dish, or bowl for holding pot pouri. Please see links below which will take you directly to the items;

From left to right:

When all but one bowl has sold, I’ll be giving the last one away at random to anyone who leaves a comment on this post, and follows my blog :)

EDIT: The pink bowl and the blue bowl have now sold.

My Creative Space – Glazing

Hop aboard my spaceship (aka workshop with bubbly silver insulation lining), and find out what I’m up to today!

Yesterday I completely cleaned out the whole of the workshop, including sorting, tidying and hoovering, in preparation for a big glazing session. (I am more motivated to work when the space around me is clean and tidy).

Today I’ve laid out all of the work that I’ve been making over the past few weeks, ready to be glazed. To me, glazing is a chore and I don’t enjoy it much, I prefer the actual hands-on making process. But glazing is necessary so someone’s got to do it! I’ve decided that when I’m famous enough to employ an assistant, they can do all of my glazing :)

As you can see, surface space is a little limited in the workshop so I usually improvise with wooden boards and prop them up as shelves wherever there is space, mostly for the flat pieces to sit on such as plaques and coasters.

If anything, I do enjoy deciding which designs and colours should be used for decorating each piece. I never decorate 2 pieces the same, as all of my pieces are one-offs. Below your’ll see some plaques I made when I was in a fun mood. They aren’t the kind of designs I would normally use but I felt like making something different to my usual style. I’ll see how things go with them.

Some new buttons are also all lined up ready to be decorated…

And I’ve even resorted to using a large piece of cardboard as a shelf!

Off I go to complete my mission, wish me luck!

Glass Results

Remember the little bowls I made to sample my new glass colours a couple of weeks ago? It was a super surprise finding these little goodies in the kiln yesterday!

I’m so pleased with the results, the colours of the melted glass are so striking, even better than I thought they would turn out. It seems that the opaque glass melts fine at stoneware temperature.

The different types of glass have melted in different ways – some are smooth while others look crystallised. The effects are perfect for complimenting different designs on my work. I’ll be using the glass to melt on larger scale pieces now that I know it melts ok.

These little samples are very cute, approx just 5cm in diameter. They would make perfect little tea light candle holders, and would also look great displayed together in a group of 3 or 4.

I’ll be putting a few for sale in my online shops over the next few days so keep an eye out! Alternatively if you would like me to reserve any for you, please let me know as they are all one-offs and when they’re gone, they’re gone!

Amazing Photography

Wow, wow and more wow!

At the craft fair just over a week ago, I was lucky enough to have my stall situated directly behind the most amazing photography work by Andrew Scoggins.

Andrew has travelled to many inspiring countries over the past few years, and enjoys capturing good quality photographs. Many of his coastal scenes were taken in New Zealand, which is definitely a place I would love to visit after viewing Andrew’s work. His photos aren’t just of beautiful landscapes though, he also captures animals, interiors, aeroplanes, still-life, and other close up details.

Hoopers Inlet, Otago Peninsula, New Zealand (above)
Moeraki Boulders, Otago, New Zealand (below)

I fell in love with this photograph of the beach boulders above, which was displayed on Andrew’s stall at the craft fair. He was kind enough to print the photo onto A3 photography paper and bring it to the craft fair for me on Sunday, for just £5! I absolutely love it, and can’t wait to get it framed. It will take pride of place on a wall in mine & Dave’s new house. I might see if someone can make a driftwood frame for it?

Tawny Owl

Abandoned Cottage, Isle of Harris

Corrugated Iron

Decommissioned Buoys

Please check out Andrew’s website to view loads more amazing photography, you will be amazed!

Hearts Galore

I’m using a lot of hearts in my work lately!

Round-up of the week

Although the sun hasn’t been shining as much, it has still been very hot and humid this week. I prefer making things from my workshop in the evening when it’s a bit cooler.

I’m hoping the sun has his hat on again ready for the weekend, I’m going to a friends BBQ tomorrow and some sunshine would be nice. I’m taking along a big bowl of home made potato salad, so I’d better get making that tonight.

I love this photo of me and my Dad’s dog Gnasher in the hammock. Isn’t he cute?

I’m happy with my orders and other things related to my ceramics that have been going on this week. First of all, a lady who purchased two of my ceramic heart paper weights (below) from the craft fair last weekend has contacted me in need of some more. I plan to make loads more as these are popular little purchases at craft fairs.
I’ve had 2 orders for plaques – one heart shape with 2 peoples names engraved, it is going to be a wedding present. And a rectangular plaque with ‘Daddy’s Shed’ engraved – I thought that was a cute idea! These plaques are in progress at the moment.

Have you ever visited the Folksy Blog? There is so much going on over there at the moment, including shop owner interviews, and valuable information for crafters including many craft fair hints and tips. This weeks topic on craft fairs is “How much stock do I need to bring?” – Definitely a good read – Some of my own tips and my craft fair essentials check list is included in the article. I have also been featured on the Folksy blog in a post called an Introduction to Pottery – well worth a read if you are interested!

Thank you to Elissa of Not Just Handbags for featuring my Bark Dish (below) in her Nature themed picks from Folksy on her blog today.

This week I’ve had a page added to the Potter’s Gallery on the Pottery Crafts website, featuring a profile about me and my work, and a large selection of images of my work. Check it out here! There are also some other great potters in the gallery, I especially like the work of Jude Howe.

One of my images displayed in the gallery is of this set of Natural Leaf Coasters.

Other big news is from the craft fair at Castle Ashby last weekend – I was approached by one of the other stall holders, Adam Jordan, one of the current members of the Northamptonshire Guild of Designer Craftsmen. Here’s what the Guild is all about:

“Northamptonshire Guild of Designer Craftsmen has been in existence since 1990, with a membership of around 30 craftsmen and women, making high quality products in wood, metal, plastics, glass, clay and textiles.

The guild aims to encourage the highest standards of craftsmenship and design and encourage interest in, and awareness of crafts.

The guild seeks to bring together individuals, who generally work in isolation, to promote their work collectively. Exhibitions in galleries, provides an opportunity for makers to bring special and innovative pieces to a wider audience. In addition we also set up smaller displays in public venues such as tourist information centres and arts centres to maintain a high public profile for the guild and it’s activities.”

Adam said he thought my work was of a high enough standard to approach the Guild about becoming a member myself. I’m now in the process of organising a date to go and present my work to a jury panel at the Guild. I’m a little nervous, as I’ve never presented my work to a panel before, but I think as soon as I get into it I’ll be fine.

If I am selected to become a member, I will have my own page on the website, the opportunity to exhibit at approx 3 exhibitions per year with other members, and connection to a network of crafts people in the county. It sounds very exciting, I’ll let you know how it goes! The images above are a selection of some of the current members’ work.
I better crack on with that potato salad… What are you up to this weekend?

Castle Ashby Gardens

During the quiet period of the craft fair at Castle Ashby on Sunday afternoon, I took the opportunity to wander around the gardens and take some photos. If you’ve never visited the gardens of Castle Ashby House, I would definitely recommend it as a day out, the views are simply stunning! It wasn’t until I walked around that I realised how big the gardens are, and I almost got lost at one point!

~ The Orangery ~

Beautiful pond swarmed with lily pads and lilies waiting to burst open;

As many of you know I am in love with trees, bark and roots! (view my walk in the country park post). This tree was a whopper!

So inspirational! :)

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