Folksy Friday – Travel

I’m thinking about travel this week – From flying in an aeroplane on my recent holiday, to packing my car and driving to my craft fair this weekend, and my order for the ceramic pendants travelling in the post to their new home.

I decided to host my first ever Folksy Friday and the theme is Travel. Enjoy!

1. Map Badges by Hats Outrageous
2. Butterfly Map Art by TerrorDome
3. Vintage Resin Map Bangle by Pennydog Jewellery
4. Vintage Map Brooch by BuriBoo
5. Travel Book Hearts by Asking for Trouble
6. Frame Purse by Yunisacs

12 Responses to Folksy Friday – Travel

  1. NOfkantsCurios says:

    Beautiful items. I love the resin map brooch!

    Natalie x

  2. Adien Crafts says:

    What a great theme, they're all lovely but the bangle is so unusual, Di x

  3. two hippos says:

    Love your picks, good luck with the craft fair too!

  4. talulahblue says:

    What a lovely collection ♥

  5. Dannie says:

    I love the purse. Great theme!

  6. Millie D says:

    This is my favourite folksy friday so far, love maps!

  7. Just K Jewellery says:

    love the butterflies – great theme

  8. Pam Das says:

    Thanks so much for featuring my brooch here – looks lovely amongst all the other map goodies. x x

  9. Christals Creations says:

    What a fab selection. . .
    :o )

  10. TerrorDome says:

    What a lovely map related gathering : )

    Thanks for featuring my Butterflies! You've made my day!


  11. NoodleBubble says:

    Fab brooch and Fab Collection!

    Happy W'end


  12. odd.sox says:

    Great first FF Charlotte. So many clever ideas! x

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